Creative Financial

How we take care of your finances

Every Journey begins with the first step. We will help you on that journey by identifying what you need to do to-day to get want you want tomorrow.

We will work with you to bring every aspect of your financial life together into a plan that suits your needs and requirements. Whether it is buying your first house, an investment property, saving and investing or planning your pension, we advise on all of these and combine them into a stepped plan.

After we blend all of your requirements together into a single roadmap, we help you to achieve the stages that are less daunting.

We will review your plan every year to adapt and change your plan (if necessary) as your life changes to keep you on track.

Financial Planning process

1. Getting to know you

Determine your goals for your financial future and how we can help you achieve them.

2. Information Gathering

Confirm your current situation by completing a Fact Find as well as an Investment Risk Questionnaire.

3. Research and Analysis

Assess and identify any gap in achieving your desired objectives - create an action plan.

4. Presenting your Financial Plan

Discuss and explain our recommendations in line with your Financial Objectives.

5. Implementing your Plan

Complete all necessary documentation.

6. Ongoing Review

To adapt your plan if circumstances change and/or regular monitoring to ensure plans are continuing to meet Financial Goals.

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